Last Spring we ordered 10 blueberry plants from a blueberry farm in New Jersey that we hoped to plant over Spring break in April, 2021. Alas, the plants never arrived and communication with the farm was non-existent- no return emails or phone calls. When we arrived for the Summer just before Memorial Day, it seems the plants had, after all, been delivered in mid-April. But, since no one was onsite the day they arrived, they were held at the local post office in Terra Alta… for six weeks! Let me just pause to say how grateful we are for small town services as surely they would have been cast aside at our local post office in D.C.!

When we opened the package containing our sad, withered plants (that basically looked like barely-moist sticks with little limp roots), we did not have much hope that they would survive but we planted them anyway. And, over the next three months tended to them as best we knew how- surrounding them with pine needles, watering and weeding as needed and fencing them in from the wildlife. We are happy to report that they did survive, produce some leaves and we hope established some roots that will produce blooms this year.

Progress! Spring 2022- 1 year later.


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