About Cothelstone Farm

Cothelstone Farm is 160 acres of hayfields and forests on the western slopes of the Appalachian Mountains, varying in elevation from 2,552 to almost 3,000 feet above sea level. It has direct access from a highway (Aurora Pike) and the interior locations are connectred by a mile of private graveled roadway.

This beautiful property comprises extensive woodlands, 5 miles of hiking trails (view trail map), four ponds, a running stream, a playing field, three residences, several outbuildings, a barn and even a tree house. For recreation there is fishing, swimming, kayaking, paddle boating, tubing, hiking, exploring, and of course, relaxing and enjoying the views.

The Property

Cothelstone Farm boasts several miles of hiking trails that vary in both size and intensity. If you're up for the steep climb to the top of the mountain, however, you will be treated to a nice view and rock outcroppings that are naturally beautiful. Below you will find a map of the trails.